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YCHR condemns Targeting Civilians in Saa’da and Calls for Effective and Peaceful Solution to the Crisis

YCHR condemns Targeting Civilians in Saa’da and Calls for Effective  and Peaceful Solution to the Crisis

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights  expresses  its utmost concern and rejection to the renewal of the war on Saa’da province, and feels sorry for the deliberate decision to use military option to solve the conflict  raging in the province.

The Center follows, with extreme concern, the news of the many  civilian casualties resulting from the use of excessive force and fire power. Moreover, disconnecting the telecommunication services and imposing siege on the province amplifies the tragedy and  impedes  rescuing  the civilian casualties and providing the necessary care.

The Center condemns the killing of civilians in the villages and residential regions, and calls all parties to provide protection and assist to avert civilian casualties.

The Center appeals to local civil organizations and respected national dignitaries to  carry out their duties  to find peaceful solutions based on dialogue among the Yemeni people.

It also calls international and regional human rights organizations and associations, primarily  The League  of Arab States, The United Nations, The Islamic Conference Organization, and the international crisis groups  to help apply pressure on the conflicting parties to seek dialogue and find an effective and peaceful solution to this crisis.

The Yemeni Center for Human Rights (YCHR)

August 16, 2009

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